Continuous Automatic Fabric Cutting Maschines | DCC 70-80-90

Special CNC cutter for knitted fabrics with a cutting height up to 9 cm compressed

A conveyorized cutting table efficiently moves material from the spreading table to the cutter and then moves cut parts onto the bundling area


√ All-In-One desktop
√ Compatible with all CAD Systems
√ Monitoring of all parameters on display
√ Files can be controlled on display before cutting
√ Possible cutting sequence change for optimization
√ Selecting patterns which are not to be cut before starting and bypass them during cutting
√ Detecting the crosness of the spreaded fabric by laser and cutting it with the same
cross angle. (Crosswise Displacable)
√ Possibility to manage, convert and transform all kind of notches (normal, V notch and fly notch).
√ When patterns do not fit within marker, operator may change the scale of patterns
√ Operator may adjust the bite length
√ Easily stores cutting setup files for quick retrieval to accelerate future cut jobs.
√ If preferred the knife does not pass through the cutted adjacent lines twice (no overcut)
√ Blade monitoring system observes the abrasion of the blade and stops the machine automatically
when It needs to be replaced
√ Ability to change the Radius of patterns at corners
√ Resume cutting by Hibernation if ıt is being disturbed
√ Able to increase efficiency by adjusting speed ramps up/down according to fabric type
√ Different Cutting Options (Crosswise Cutting, One Way Cutting, Mixed Cutting, Symmetry
Cutting, Tubular Cutting, Clockwise/Anticlockwise Cutting)
√ Intelligent Reporting System. Delivering hard data for analysing cutter activity and production.
Graphical report is also included
√ Virtual intelligent knife
√ Marker edit page
√ File Cutting options (Single File/Multiple File/Parallel File)
√ Maintenance Page

Blower System

√ Hold material firmly in place during the cutting process delivering cut parts that are accurate ply to ply
√ Minimum power consumption within the same class blower systems
√ Parameter driven stepless adjustable vaccum
√ Filter for vacuum turbine
√ Integrated silencer for exhaust
Automatic Knife Oil Lubrication
Continue Cutting System
√ Large scale production
√ 30 kW Vacuum Power

Zero Buffer Function

√ 1 mm reduction in buffer is at least equivalent to a 1 % gain in material.

Intelligent Knife

√ Senses deflection of the knife caused by cutting difficult materials or high-ply spreads and changes the
knife angle to compensate for this deflection. this results in more accurately cut parts and makes it
possible to nest parts closer together to achieve oustanding material utilization

Automatic Drill In Front Of The Cutting Head

√ Optionally Single or Dual Drill
√ Optionally Warm or Cold Drill

Plastic Foil Covering Blind (Resealer)

√ To avoid vacuum losses by arising cutting gaps
√ Plastic foil unwinding device with unrolling bars and cones
√ 2 rollers on each side of the off-load conveyor for fixing of foil on the conveyor

Well Designed Hardware

√ Assembled from reliable components that are procured from reliable suppliers
Motion controller , 4 axis (X, Y, Z and C axis)
√ Controlled by CMZ ac brushless servo motors
√ Reversible bristle conveyer
√ X and Y axis driven by Straight-Toothed Rack and Pinion

Bristle And Knife Re-Sharpening

√ Long lasting bristle allows knife to penetrate without damage
√ Automatic adjustable (According to Fabric and ply height) ensures sharpening at
the right time and gives the possibility to achieve a high quality cut


√ User friendly keypad controls many machine functions at the cutter
√ Software screens and operating manuals available in Turkish, English and other foreign
language if required

Bundling Area

√ Sorting conveyor with clearing zone, approx. 1625 mm length



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