Light Weight Fabric Automatic Spreading Machine

Automatic spreading machine allows spreading of a full range of available fabrics: from very delicate, thin, elastic and difficult to spread, to thick, heavy fabrics like jeans. The machine is equipped with a cradle with belt feeding, driven all spreader wheels, operator’s platform and easy to use touchscreen MN1 spreading machine is available in different max. Working widths ranging from 150-260 cm.

  • Elimination of manual spreading and layering of fabrics which is the weakest part of the cutting room production chain
  • Several times increase of spreading efficiency for each type of fabric
  • Only one operator results in significant reduction of work costs
  • Very fast spreading of mattresses for small series and single production orders
  • Constant quality of spreading independent of length of spread marker with elimination of fabric tensioning in different
    layers what’s a typical problem for manual spreading
  • Easy and intuitive operation, possible also for not-qualified personal
  • Perfect reliability of operator assures continuous production and lowest possible costs of maintenance
  • Fast and solid service assured by experienced technicians

√ CRF – Cradle feed with a system of feeding belts assuring easy loading and unloading of fabric rolls
√ AEC – Automatic alignment of fabric edge of all spread fabric layers
√ STD – Spreading of fabrics in standard system (right side up with transversal cutting)
√ ZZG – Set of front and end catchers allowing zig-zag spreading (left side to right side)
√ IFS – Intelligent fabric feeding system with dynamic measurement of fabric tension during spreading
gives the possibility to control fabric tension
√ NTF – Non-Tension Feeding – tensionless feeding and spreading of fabric
√ Easy inversion of spreading side (right side up or left side up)
√ Automatic re-winding (feeding and rolling back) with fabric edge alignment
√ Automatic stop of the machine when fabric is finished with audible signal
√ Programmable shifting points allows for fast cutting of the places with faults and continuation of work
√ Software calculates length of spread fabric with reporting of fabric usage
√ ARC – Automatic one-side cutting of fabric by a transversal cutting unit with rotary blade
√ ACL – Automatic adjustment of cutting unit slat to height of currently spread height of layers
√ ODP – Movable operator platform [which can be closed and locked] facilitates usage and assures
highest possible spreading speed
√ TFT – Color touchscreen (LG) assures easy and comfortable adjustments of working parameters
√ 10PR – Possibility to store in memory of the touchscreen up to 10 parameter profiles for different fabrics
√ ASS – Automatic stoppage of machine’s movement after approaching to an obstacle assures safety of
operator and other personnel which could stand close to the machine
√ Seamless cradle feed belt instead of slit belts assures that no fabric edge will go under it
√ Available with different types of spreading tables – most commonly used are 18mm
Light tables with or without air flotation system & Conveyorized tables


Machine Model: Mini Master [MN1]
Machine Name: Fully Automatic Fabric Spreading Machine
Material Use: Fabrics such as Woven, knit, jeans, Full Lycra, etc.
Fabric Width: 000 cm
Roll Diameter: 450 mm max
Machine Speed: 0-100 mt/min with speed control (depends on fabric style)
Spreading Height: 230 mm Maximum with cutting Unit / 220 mm Maximum with zig zag spreading height /
200 mm Maximum with tubular unit
Fabric Weight: 120 kg max.
Loading Fabric: Easy load
Main Spreading Motor: 0.75 kW 1500 Rpm AC Motor with Gearbox (PGR Drive Technologies)
Cradle Left-Right: 0.18 kW 1500 Rpm AC Motor with Gearbox (WAT)
Cradle Feed: 0.75 kW 3000 Rpm AC Motor with Gearbox (PGR Drive Technologies)
Lift Motor: 0.19 kW 24V DC Motor with Gearbox (KORMAS)
Fabric Edge Cutter: Clack Motor (24V DC),Knife transfer motor (24V DC) with gearbox, Knife Rotate (24V DC) (Kormas)
Control Modes: Automatic or Manuel control
Edge Control: Edge control with 2 Photocells
No Cloth Stop Funct: Automatic stop with 1 photocell control when fabric is over
Safety Device: 2 security photocells to stop the machine if someone step in front/rear side of the machine.
Height Photocell: A photocell which moves lift while spreading height goes up
Electronic System: Special software with LG PLC
Control System: LG 5,7 inch Touch Screen
Drivers: 2 LG Invertors

Settings From Control Panel

√ Level count √ Spreading Length √ Spreading Speed (forward and backward) √ Tension Settings
√ Using with Password √ Zigzag or One way Selection √ Tension Setting at Start or Stop
√ Disabling Security Sensor if Needed √ Disabling Fabric Over Sensor if Needed

Machine Dimensions:
Machine Weight:
Installed Power: 5 kW 220 volt
Attachments: Automatic cutting device & Movable catcher [standard]
Paint: Main with electrostatic paint, covers with wet paint
Operator Platform: Allows operator to ride alongside the table

Spreading Table:

Table Length: 00 Meter
Table Width: 000 cm. Special construction that can be used with MN1 Spreading Machine
Table Electric System: EAE Busbar System
Paint: Electrostatic Paint
Table Height: Between 840-870 mm
Rail System: Enable for MN1 Spreading Machine and its platform


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