Turn Table Light Weight Fabric Spreading Machine

Fully automatic turn table fabric spreading machine with Multi-Function Throttle system allowing spreading of all types of fabrics. Strenghtened construction, just like in MJ1 version, allows spreading of heavy fabrics. Max diameter of fabric roll suitable to be spread on this machine is 450mm. The machine is equipped with a turnable working head allowing spreading in “right side to right side” (face to face) mode with consistent weave direction. Automatic back-tilt function makes it easier to load the fabric into the cradle. All wheels of the machine are driven, operator’s platform and intuitive, easy to use operator’s panel and user friendly operator’s touchpanel. Available in different working width versions ranging from 150 to 220cm. Max. spreading speed 100m/min.


Elimination of manual spreading and layering of fabrics which is the weakest part of the cutting room production chain
Several times increase of spreading efficiency for each type of fabric
Only one operator results in significant reduction of work costs
Very fast spreading of mattresses for small series and single production orders
Constant quality of spreading independent of length of spread marker with elimination of fabric tensioning in different
layers what’s a typical problem for manual spreading
Easy and intuitive operation, possible also for not-qualified personal
Perfect reliability of operator assures continuous production and lowest possible costs of maintenance
Fast and solid service assured by experienced technicians


√ CRF – Cradle feed with a system of feeding belts assuring easy loading and unloading of fabric rolls
√ AEC – Automatic alignment of fabric edge of all spread fabric layers
√ STD – Spreading of fabrics in standard system (right side up with transversal cutting)
√ ZZG – Set of front and end catchers allowing zig-zag spreading (left side to right side)
√ IFS – Intelligent fabric feeding system with dynamic measurement of fabric tension during spreading
gives the possibility to control fabric tension
√ NTF – Non-Tension Feeding – tensionless feeding and spreading of fabric
√ Easy inversion of spreading side (right side up or left side up)
√ Automatic re-winding (feeding and rolling back) with fabric edge alignment
√ Automatic stop of the machine when fabric is finished with audible signal
√ Programmable shifting points allows for fast cutting of the places with faults and continuation of work
√ Software calculates length of spread fabric with reporting of fabric usage
√ ARC – Automatic one-side cutting of fabric by a transversal cutting unit with rotary blade
√ ACL – Automatic adjustment of cutting unit slat to height of currently spread height of layers
√ ODP – Movable operator platform [which can be closed and locked] facilitates usage and assures
highest possible spreading speed
√ TFT – Color touchscreen (LG) assures easy and comfortable adjustments of working parameters
√ 10PR – Possibility to store in memory of the touchscreen up to 10 parameter profiles for different fabrics
√ ASS – Automatic stoppage of machine’s movement after approaching to an obstacle assures safety of
operator and other personnel which could stand close to the machine
√ Seamless cradle feed belt instead of slit belts assures that no fabric edge will go under it
√ Available with different types of spreading tables – most commonly used are 30mm
Heavy tables with or without air flotation system & Conveyorized tables
√ Wide range of wheels position adjustments allows adaptation of new machine to an already installed
spreading table, what’s significantly reducing investment’s costs
√ System of semi-automatic fabric winding from fabric roll
√ Programmable acceleration and deceleration in extreme positions of the table
√ Encoder always gives information about current position of the machine on the table
√ Current metered spread fabric length is shown on the panel
√ Multi-function throttle controls movement of the machine along the table or adjusts the amount of fabric feeding
√ Automatic self-test of the machine on each turning on of the machine or upon request of the operator makes
it easy to check the state of the machine
√ “Quick-Stop” emergency switches on both sides of the machine assure accordance with current CE requirements


Machine Model: Mini Turn Table [MNT1]
Machine Name: Turn table light weight fabric spreading machine
Material Use: Fabrics such as Woven, Denim, etc.
Ease Of Use: Material roll cradle feed system tilts automatically for easy material loading and unloading.
Fabric Width: 000 cm
Roll Diameter: 450 mm max
Machine Speed: 0-100 mt/min with speed control (depends on fabric style)
Spreading Height: 230 mm Maximum with cutting Unit / 220 mm Maximum with zig zag spreading height /
Fabric Weight: 80 kg max.
Loading Fabric: Easy load with electrical cradle tilt
Main Spreading Motor: 1.10 kW 1500 Rpm AC Motor with Gearbox (PGR Drive Technologies)
Cradle Left-Right: 0.25 kW 1500 Rpm AC Motor with Gearbox (WAT)
Bottom Conveyor: 0.55 kW 3000 Rpm AC Motor with Gearbox (PGR Drive Technologies)
Cradle Feed: 0.75 kW 3000 Rpm AC Motor with Gearbox (PGR Drive Technologies)
Turn Table Motor: 0.37 kW 1500 Rpm AC Motor with Gearbox (PGR Drive Technologies)
Lift Motor: 0.19 kW 24V DC with Gearbox (KORMAS)
Fabric Edge Cutter: Clack Motor (24V DC),Knife transfer motor (24V DC) with gearbox, Knife Rotate (24V DC) (Kormas)
Control Modes: Automatic or Manuel control
Edge Control: Edge control with 2 Photocells
No Cloth Stop Funct: Automatic stop with 1 photocell control when fabric is over
Safety Device: 2 security photocells to stop the machine if someone step in front/rear side of the machine.
Height Photocell: A photocell which moves lift while spreading height goes up
Electronic System: Special software with LG PLC
Control System: LG 5,7 inch Touch Screen

Drivers: 2 LG Invertors
Settings From Control Panel:
√ Level count √ Spreading Length √ Spreading Speed (forward and backward) √ Tension Settings
√ Using with Password √ Zigzag or One way Selection √ Tension Setting at Start or Stop
√ Disabling Security Sensor if Needed √ Disabling Fabric Over Sensor if Needed
Machine Dimensions:
Machine Weight:
Installed Power: 5 kW 220 volt
Attachments: Automatic cutting device & Movable catcher [standard]
Paint: Main with electrostatic paint, covers with wet paint
Operator Platform: Allows operator to ride alongside the table
Spreading Table:
Table Length: 00 Meter
Table Width: 000 cm. Special construction that can be used with MNT1 Mini Turn Table
Table Electric System: EAE Busbar System
Paint: Electrostatic Paint
Table Height: Between 840-870 mm
Rail System: Enable for MNT1 Mini Turn Table and its platform
Spreading Modes:
Face up or face down
Face to face with or without end catchers
Face to face one way
Multi length spreading


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